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Designer Irish

Taking inspiration from their native land, our carefully selected range of Irish designers create lasting memories from gold and silver, from lambswool and leather - to be enjoyed forever.

Avoid the everyday, make new discoveries...

At Mark E Sheehan, we have curated a range of designer jewellery, hand-crafted leather goods and stunning accessories from some of Ireland's finest designers for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Explore our collections of hand-crafted products and experience the outstanding creative beauty and workmanship involved in our exquisite designer ranges.

All of the pieces available are imagined, designed and created by the artist-designers themselves using a combination of traditional and contemporary hand-crafted methods.

The low volumes produced by our select group of designers means that you can avail of pieces which offer a precious uniqueness in an increasingly generic world.

Our passionate team constantly seek out new, bold and creative Irish designers who best express this creative vision through their work.

These designers bring an innate sense of storytelling and connection to nature which finds a very real expression in the pieces they produce – inspired as they are by the beauty of our legends and landscape.

There will be a rarity to the pieces we bring to you and as the Irish saying goes, "an rud is annamh is iontach" or for our friends around the world, "what's rare is wonderful..."