Yvonne Ryan Jewellery Mini Key Sterling Silver Side Chain Necklace - MARK E SHEEHAN

Mini Key Sterling Silver Side Chain Necklace

Yvonne Ryan



The vintage mini key. Keys have always been enstowed with a certain sort of magic, having the power to reveal things that are unknown. It can represent the opening of doors of opportunities or holding the key to someones heart. Beautifully handcrafted with our signature French rope chain texture and geometric print. It comes on a delicate chain perfect for layering. It is a perfect necklace for you or someone you love as it easily mixes into any jewellery collection.

 Length: 18 inch Chain

 Every piece of jewellery is Handmade in Dublin in sterling silver and hard plated in 18ct yellow gold.

Category: Key, Pendant, Silver, Yvonne Ryan

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